1. Your price is significantly lower than other places, how is this possible?
    Do you use lower grade material?

   - No, we just minimise our expense, and exercise bulk purchasing power
      to set our costs low, so we can offer highest quality product with the highest
     service. You will experience a high quality product with a high quality service.
     We offer faster service than local shops (most orders done in 24 hours)
     and highest quality of products. Believe us, we make every single order
     as we make our own company signage.

2. How much is shipping for the items in your product range?
    - FREE- ABSOLUTELY FREE.....(available to Australia only)....Why? Because we dont believe you, the customer should not have to deal with misleading information when quoted total prices. Total means exactly that. Delivered to your door which is what our customers really want to know. Our prices are final and there are no hidden costs through our standard product range. Some Products, especially banners, may not have prices next to them. The reason for this is that these items are custom jobs that may incur postage charges as size and weight varies greatly with these types of requests.


3.  What if I need my order delivered FASTER than standard shipping?
    -We offer shipping choices of Overnight courier, Australia Post Express and Australia post standard package delivery.You can check the rates of different options at our Shipping Calculator section before placing your order. All the items available online with marked prices include Australia Post standard package delivery anywhere within Australia.

4. I live outside Australia. Can i still purchase your products and will you deliver to my country.?

-Of course. However, Postage may vary between countries. Please email us for international postage charges or visit our Shipping Calculator Page


5. What exactly do I get?

You get the graphics that is displayed. Therefore, it is not a background with a white box around it, it is not a square sticker or anything of the sort,- it is a freely cut out design being the image that you see in the product range- therefore, all other white areas are infact punched through/see through- i.e. there is no backing or background- The background is whatevr surface you actually choose to apply your image onto


1.  How fast do you make the banners?

    - most banners and lettering made and shipped within 48 hours. However, some
      large size banners and colors takes 48-72 hours, but we do our best
      to ship every order within the 48 hour time frame. Large quantity orders (30 or more
      banners) please ask us for turn around time.

2. Are these Custom banners ' Do It Yourself ' products?

    - No, the custom banners are complete products, which means that we do all customising
      work, applying lettering, at the price we will quote. The banners are ready to be
      used when arrived.

3. Are these banners for outside or Indoor use?, How long does it last?
    - We use the highest grade vinyl banner material designed to last at least 3 years for outdoor use under any weather. For indoor use, the life expectancy is much higher. We may also use medium grade materials if required, providing you with a more economical solution for any shorter term requirements, such as events, displays and exhibitions.

4.  Can you put my logo on a custom banner?
    -Absolutely! Keeping in mind that some types of graphics are not suitable for vinyl cutting.
     As a basic guide line ,the most company logos, line artwork,etc can be digitised and placed
     on the banner, if you want to see if your graphic is suitable, please e-mail and
     attach the logo first. We will advise you if we need to reproduce and edit your logo or create it from scratch which may incur logo/scanning and reproduction costs in addition to the price of the banner. Please visit our Artwork Guidelines page for further info

5. Do you do both sides (2 sides) of the banners?
    - Yes, we do 2 side banners at 50% extra

6Is there extra charge for logo or artwork?
    - Depends on the logo or artwork type, there would be a charge of
     $20-$70, e-mail with your logo for quote.

7. What is the biggest size banner you offer?
    - We don't even know the limt, maybe 100 feet X 500 feet.

-Vinyl Lettering-

1.  How fast do you make the lettering?
    - All in stock coloured lettering orders up to $500 are shipped in 24 hours. Some
      larger size orders and special ordered colours takes 48-72 hours, but we do our best
      to ship every order within 48 hour time frame. Please ask us for turn around time of other Large quantity orders and special material orders

Does Vinyl lettering come as a single character or by words?
    - Lettering comes by words. Phrases and sentences are basically as you type
     on order line. They will be pre spaced, aligned, ready to apply

3. Is there background on lettering?
    -No, the vinyl lettering we offer is computer die cut, sign lettering
     which only the letter itself sticks on the surface you are applying it on.

4. Can you make letters with Reflective vinyl?
    -Yes, we can make lettering with Engineer grade reflective vinyl.
     at price of 2X of our regular lettering price, just ask for
     "reflective vinyl" and we will adjust your order.

5. Can you do 2 tone (shadow) or outlined letters (another color surrounded
    the letters)?

    -Yes, we can do both types of letters at price of 2X of our regular lettering price,
      just ask for "shadow" or "outlined", specify the colour and we will adjust your order.

6Is it hard to apply the lettering?
If you can draw a straight line, measure the area, and follow a simple instruction sheet,then the answer is yes!
If you can put a magnet on a fridge then you can apply your vinyl. Please refer to our online instructions for fruther info. All products ordered online come with a more detailed set of instructions. Professional installation of our graphics is also available on request.

7Can I put the lettering anywhere?
Vinyl letters are made of sign film which sticks any flat, non coarse surface,
applications are virtually any flat surface, such as metal, windows, woods, plastic,
Basically any surface that a normal sticker would apply to. Vinyl has high adhesion and bonds very easily. Once it has been applied to a surface and left to adhere for a few weeks then it becomes realtively difficult to remove.
Your vinyl will not stick adequately to surfaces such as brick, concrete and naked walls, rough or oiled surfaces. These require a substrate or pre-made surface such as aluminium or plastic paneling first.


Design Service-

1. Can you show me exactly what the graphics will look like on my vehicle before they are manufactured?

Yes we certainly can. By sending us a picture of your vehicle as a side on profile and some basic measurements, our designers can custom size a proposed graphic and send you some sample images as a file, at a cost depending on the job involved. This is a seperate service and is non-refundable. Please enquire for relevant pricing. However, you may prefer to use the sample images through our product range as a guide to making a selection if you do not wish to utilise our professional design service and just provide us with a picture and measurements instead.